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Nicole Sanders

Who is Nicole Sanders 
Nicole Sanders is a native of New Jersey, came to the Hampton Roads area in 2000 to attend Hampton University, where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems. She fell in love with the Hampton Roads area and decided to stay and live in Norfolk, Virginia.
Nicole is raising her two daughters and is an active community stakeholder in Norfolk for over a decade in building New Norfolk. Nicole works in the Information technology field as a consultant for several large IT companies in the area, including Lockheed Martin, Anthem, and the NMCI. She is an entrepreneur and currently owns and operates two small businesses: a credit repair service and a computer consulting company.

Nicole is an active member of the South Hampton Roads alumni Chapter, where she currently serves as Secretary and works on social media. She also serves on the board for the Friends of the Portsmouth Juvenile Court, is a member of the Norfolk Branch of the NAACP and the National Urban League, and Young Professionals.
Why is Nicole Running for Office
Nicole is running for Commissioner of Revenue in Norfolk because she empathizes with local voters' frustration at the lack of local representation. Nicole is looking towards technological advances that will help city residents and business owners; Nicole knew she could best serve her community as Commissioner, where the city residents desperately need representation.  Nicole has faced many obstacle in her life and can understand all the concerns of a resident and small business owner.  She has walked in your shoes!

With fresh eyes and new ideas, Nicole believes she can bridge the gap between the community. She believes that trust, neutrality, and competence are essential as a Commissioner of Revenue.
More than anything, she is ready and willing to take on the duties and responsibilities of this position to build a stronger and viable New Norfolk!
There is a clear difference in being elected and being personally called to “apply” for a position, “offered” the position, and later “moving” from 2nd to 1st in command. The current Commissioner was never elected into office but, personally called and placed in position. These behind closed door agreements MUST STOP! That WILL STOP WITH ME!
Our officials should be elected by the residents of Norfolk and not placed by officials who later resign. I WANT your VOTE as your ELECTED OFFICIAL!
I will work hard for you, in building a #NewNorfolk without scandal or appointment to a position that should have gone to someone more qualified. Vote Nicole Sanders for Commissioner of the Revenue for Norfolk in early voting now and November 2nd!

#respectmyvote #newnorfolk
#smallbusinessowner #femalebusinessowner #minorityownedbusiness #smallbusinesssupporter
#consumeradvocate #womeninpolitics #chucksandpearls #converse

What Matters to Nicole

Nicole also works towards advocacy in education equality and believes that all students in public school have all the resources and opportunities they need to successfully transition to colleges, universities, and trade schools.  "No child should be left behind on the basis that they are public school educated and should be afforded the same opportunities as that of private schools."  As a mother of two daughters, Nicole understands how opportunities are not equitable and equally distributed.  Life lessons along with fundamentals should be a part of every childs' curriculum in order to prepare them for life.  Understanding financial fundamentals, work/life balance, and how to prepare for an interview are important and shouldn't be part of a particular vocation or study.        

Nicole works as an advocate by building bridges between the city residents, nonprofits, youth organizations, and the Norfolk police department.  She has been actively working to help end gun violence among the area youth and families by providing resources, organizing rallies and information to impacted residents.  Nicole has witnessed the devastation impacting of the loss of youth through her daughters and decided to become even more involved in shedding light on the destruction of gun violence.  The world loses the next Langston Hughes, W.E.B. Dubois, Bill Gates, Zora Neale Hurston, and a Kamala Harris to senseless gun violence.  It is important to provide enriching programs, resources, and other opportunities that help curb gun violence and enhance our youths' lives.

Public Policy
The other passion in public policy is the redevelopment of businesses that are currently located in Norfolk and enticing new businesses to Norfolk and assisting Norfolk communities.  As Commissioner of the Revenue, I believe that we can always find a way through legislation to encourage more businesses to the city while keeping current, thriving businesses in the area.  Working together with the assessment office, mayor’s office, and city council; there are always options through public policy to change the landscape of underserved areas that suffer through food deserts, resources that aren’t available, and redevelopment of housing.  It is up to me as your new Commissioner of the Revenue to build the #NewNorfolk!
Technological Advancements 

Nicole believes that technology is not only the future, but the way of life in our "new normal."  Nicole decided that the outdated and obsolete website form the office of the Commissioner, could be and do better for the residents of Norfolk, Virginia.  By utilizing her B.S. in Information Technology from Hampton University, Nicole is at the forefront of technological advancements for Norfolk, especially for all Norfolk Public School System students as many do not have the same opportunities, enrichment, mentorship, sponsorship, resources, and technology. 
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