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Nicole wants to hear from you

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

"I believe that everyone has something to offer when it comes to the prosperity of Norfolk, Virginia.

Working across offices, the city council, the mayor's office, and the men and women who work and live in Norfolk is important. We must understand how and what works to maintain the city, keep businesses, entice new businesses, help residents, build up the city, and bring the most to all involved. I believe that no matter the status or income, you have something to say and you have my ear in order to get the job done. I am hear to listen to you and work with you as your Commissioner of the Revenue. Together, we can grow and build the #NewNorfolk!

#NewNorfolk is the next set of leaders and trendsetters who are working together to have a more inclusive government.

#NewNorfolk is the residents that demand action and justice!

#NewNorfolk is all of us!

Join me in building the #NewNorfolk

Early vote September 17, 2021, and on election day, November 2, 2021, for Nicole Sanders for Commissioner of the Revenue.

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