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Nicole is interested in what Norfolk has to say!

Nicole has been meeting with every civic league and member on why she is the best option for Commissioner of the Revenue. She listened to the concerns related to higher tax fees on real property, issues new and current businesses concerns, and also neighbors, businesses, and communities that lack the resources they seek from the office of the Commissioner. It ia a disparity to pay higher taxes that your neighbor 4 doors down and not have an answer. Nicole is a resident and small business owner and is actively speaking to each resident and fellow small business owners directly. Nicole feels the importance to have a process for new and current businesses other than one person to assist them at the Slover Library. Not every person has the time or transportation to work one-on-one with a Subject Matter Expert at the only location made available to Norfolk. Technology is a crucial key to Norfolk tax payers and business owners. Consistency in taxation disparity is essential to resolving the concerns of many tax payers in Norfolk communities. Nicole emphasizes the need for evidence-based processes and resources to help residents keep their homes and be able to pay the taxes on their real property. Nicole is deeply involved in building the #NewNorfolk! Join her in supporting and voting for Nicole Sanders as Commissioner of the Revenue! She works for you!

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